Weeknight Meal Plan #1

Every week I put together a meal plan for Monday through Thursday, sometimes I know what I want to make on Friday and the weekend, sometimes I don’t. I like to leave the weekend open for whatever. Maybe I’ll get invited to something!

I found a great notion template a year or so ago and it’s been so useful in managing my recipes, ingredients, meal plan, shopping list, and recipe ideas. I can’t find the original template, but I’ve altered mine quite a bit, so it’s not even the same anymore. If you’d like to duplicate mine, here you go: carolemagouirk.notion.site/carolemagouirk/Kitchen-Management-d4a29300d5944c3bb6d65f30b4161a1f

Here’s this week’s meal plan:

Meal Plan for July 26, 2021
Meal Plan for July 26, 2021

This meal plan started with the Salisbury steak. Since I knew I’d need ground beef, the rest of the menu developed out of uses for it. I don’t need a pound of meat for two steaks, and that’s typically how it’s sold, so I figured I’d work with the larger portion to make several dinners.

I have some frozen Thai basil in the freezer I want to use, so that was easy.

Then, I looked at listicles for ground beef recipes and found this one, which is pretty useful:

There I found kofta kebabs, but I looked around at different recipes and found the Spruce Eats one listed above.

So I had three beefy menu items, I needed some veggies. In notion, I have a gallery called “Old Stand-bys” were I keep recipes that I use at least a couple times a month. I grabbed a couple go-to vegetarian dishes and boom, my meal plan was complete.

You can see a range of influences in this menu. That’s fun. To see where I’ve picked things up.

I’m really excited for the kebabs, I’ve never made them before. And also the Salisbury steak because it might be my favorite childhood dinner and I haven’t made it in years. I look forward to dressing her up with my new skills.

All done. 👋

All done. 👋