Custom WordPress Podcast Theme

Fully custom WordPress theme integrating a weekly podcast show with an opt-in page, WordPress category archive, custom post type archive and single posts, Infusionsoft, Instant Teleseminar, custom-built newsletter generator, sales pages, and basically everything my client needed to run her podcast show with the tools she already uses.


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My favorite part of the design:

Building it all from the ground up, then rebranding and updating as the site required new or different solutions. This is not the first design iteration, but it is by far the most effective for my client’s needs.

  • Graphic Design
  • Transactional Emails
  • Website Layout and Design
  • WordPress Development
  • Digital Product Delivery
  • Landing Pages & Opt-in Forms
  • Advanced Custom Fields

What I built:

Below are a bunch of pictures with descriptions of the most-used pages for this ongoing project. Basically the customer flow goes: Landing page > Podcast Archive > Sales Letter > Purchase Email > Back to sales letter with updated delivery content.

Landing Page | Traffic from Facebook and Instagram ads as well as direct emails are directed to opt-in to get the newest podcast in their email.


Podcast Page | Each block is dynamically pulled from a custom post type based on a custom date field, all posts with the “player” custom field are listed with the integrated HTML5 player.


Special Offer Sales Letter | WordPress category template integrated with Infusionsoft using Advanced Custom Fields.


Purchase Email | Infusionsoft delivery email after special offer purchase.


Special Offer Delivery Page | The purchase email adds customer info to the link which programmatically updates the Special Offer Sales Letter with the corresponding purchased content.